Live Review: Deftones, Birmingham (UK) 20-11-10

Well, I just got back from seeing Deftones live at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, England, and what a night it was. I’m drenched in blood, sweat and beer, its 11:30pm, but what better way to end my night then post my exclusive review for the fellow readers of DoM.  Firstly, if you want a nice, informative, well written, review of the gig, go read fucking Kerrang or something. I did not go to the show with my pen and pad of paper ready to write every little detail down. No, I went straight to the front to rock out to some awesome music. So expect me just to write down whatever comes into my head, especially since I’m absolutely shattered. So, if you’re reading this and the day is Sunday or Monday, that means I fell asleep.

Read on to find out what I thought.

I was going to speak first about the venue, the o2 Academy, but I’m going to assume you couldn’t care less about that, so let’s move onto the support band, a band I love so much (sarcasm), Coheed and Cambria.

Coheed began by playing my favourite song of theirs, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, which is a stupid title because “they’re so prog” (yeah… right). The performance itself was pretty damn good, I can’t really fault their playing, but the problem is that much of the crowd just weren’t really into the band. And who can blame them? Because I certainly wasn’t either. The crowd was really thin too, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen such a small crowd for this kind of gig. People really seemed to be there for Deftones, and Deftones alone. There were a few Coheed fanboys, shouting every word and going ‘mad’ by themselves  (unfortunately two of which were stood next to me), but there really weren’t many.

Coheed went on to play a number of songs whilst I kept looking at my mobile phone. No, I wasn’t checking my Facebook like one of the guys next to me, and no I wasn’t texting my girlfriend (mostly because I don’t have one), but because I kept checking the time to see how much I had left to endure. At one point, the frontman (the guy who looks like an upside down mop) played the guitar with his teeth and the 5 fans in the building screamed their heads off. The problem with this though, was it sounded like shit. Not being funny, but I could play the guitar with my teeth and make it like shit. I’m pretty sure my Grandma could do that. So who cares? In the final song, he went on to play a 15 second solo behind his head. Again, not only was this just 15 seconds long, but it sounded like shit. If someone could put their guitar behind their head and solo like Jimmy Page, then yeah, maybe I’d be impressed, but a 15 second long crap “solo” just doesn’t impress me, sorry.

Finally, Coheed finished their set and I screamed the loudest I had so far in the gig. Mostly because they had finally finished, and thank God too, because I was seriously bored.  A 25 minute wait between bands, and finally Deftones walked on stage. From the get go, the band were absolutely on fire. Opening with Rocket Skates, the crowd went wild. Stood right at the front, I looked back for a second and I noticed that the crowd had more than tripled in size since Coheed played.

Deftones played through a mix of old and new classics, whipping the crowd into a frenzy along the way. The band are on top form, and possibly at their all time live best.  It’s not a secret that a few years ago the band weren’t getting on too well and Chino wasn’t exactly at his fittest, but these days, both issues seem to be rectified. Chino looks damn good tonight, and if any man could turn me gay, you can bet your ass it’s him. Sorry, but it’s not easy being a sexual confused virgin, you know?

Looking around it was also obvious that Deftones draw a very diverse crowd compared to that of many of the other bands I go to see. Everyone’s just having a damn good time and enjoying the music. It’s definitely one of the “tamest” crowds I’ve seen, but that’s not to say everyone’s just standing around being a bore, people were definitely really into the music. In actual fact, I don’t care if I sound like a fucking old man, I much preferred the fact that I could stand at the front going crazy for the music, without spending more time just trying not to fall over than enjoying the music. There were a couple of times when Chino went into the crowd to sing, which was awesome. Those were the only real times when it became difficult to stand, because all of a sudden, everyone swamped towards him.  You’d think he was a stripper with her legs open and a sign reading “first come first serve” with the way the crowd were acting.

Deftones played a number of their classics, such as Be Quiet and Drive, Digital Bath, Knife Party, Passenger, Change, and 7 words. All of which were undoubtedly highlights of the evening (along with new tracks such as Diamond Eyes). It was also nice to see the band play Hole in the Earth and Back to School, with the crowd going mad during the latter of the two. By the time the encore came, the crowd were at their most energetic. All of a sudden, it was like being at a Slayer concert (or just insert some generic heavy band where the crowd goes ridiculously insane), and it made the band’s set end at a level of dizzying heights.

Overall Deftones were absolutely fantastic. If you’re into the band, then there’s literally nothing you can fault. Everything was played note-perfect, with many of the songs sounding even better live. After the horrific accident in 2008 which has sadly left bassist, Chi Cheng, in a coma since, the band’s future was uncertain. It’s incredible though, to think how much the band have moved forward since then. Chi’s current state is saddening, and I hope he recovers soon, but stand-in bassist, Sergio Vega is doing a fantastic job until then. Sergio fits well into the band, and everyone was on top form.


01. Rocket Skates
02. Around the Fur
03. My Own Summer (Shove It)
04. Lotion
05. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
06. Feiticeira
07. Digital Bath
08. Knife Party
09. Elite
10. Diamond Eyes
12. Beauty School
13. Hole in the Earth
14. You’ve Seen The Butcher
15. Prince
16. Sextape
17. Minerva
18. Back to School (Mini Maggit)
19. Passenger
20. Change (In the House of Flies)


21. Birthmark
22. Engine No. 9
23. 7 Words

Source: setlist.fm

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